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Ecology Tours



Since 2015, CCCEA has organized “Canada Ecology Tours ” which aims to provide students with a better understanding of the ecology and geography of the Canadian Rockies. The places to visit include the city of Vancouver, the Canadian Rockies, Lake Louise, Banff National Park and Kelowna. By visiting local amenities (i.e. water treatment plant, recycling depot), they can get a better grasp on environmental protection applications that may help safeguard the future of all things living on Earth.

  • Learn the ecology and landscape of Canadian Rockies

  • Understand the culture and policy of environmental protection in Canada


  • Experience authentic culture and multiculturalism in Canada

Ecology Tours

Tour Details

Session 1: April 22-30, 2019 (9 days)

Session 2: April 23-May 1, 2019 (9 days)

Session 3: April 24-May 2, 2019 (9 days)

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