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The Association and the Canadian District Powell River Public Schools (School District Powell River) jointly organized the 2021 Canadian Cultural Exchange Group to allow students to strengthen their confidence in using English in a pure English environment. In addition, students have the opportunity to take classes with local students and communicate with host families, learn about Canadian history, customs, and integrate into Maple Leaf culture.

  • Give students in Hong Kong the opportunity to study abroad, experience foreign cultures and broaden their knowledge.

  • Enhance students' confidence and skills in using English.

  • Promote cultural and educational exchanges between Hong Kong and Canada.

Exchange Group

Canada Cultural



Activity name: Canada Cultural Exchange Group 2021 (Powell River City)

Event Date: 2020 Month Day to Month Day

Venue: The student union takes classes in a public school in Powell River, Canada, and visit Victoria and Vancouver

Target: Students from 10 to 12 years old, Primary 4 to Primary 6

Quota: 20 students and 2 teachers

Organizer: Tianyan International Tourism Co., Ltd. (License No. 353624)



  • Pure English environment: Powell River City is located in British Columbia, about 145 kilometers northwest of Vancouver, with a beautiful environment. It is a safe, friendly and pure best English learning city.​


  • Integrated classroom education: Students will be arranged to take classes with local students to experience Canadian education and models for themselves and get more opportunities to communicate with teachers and classmates.

  • Safe homestay: During the exchange group, students will be arranged in a local homestay. The host family is arranged by the public school bureau, with a good background, safe and friendly, so that every student can truly integrate into the daily life of Canada.

  • Diversified activities: The exchange group arranges diversified activities. In addition to attending classes with local students, they will also participate in extra-curricular activities, including ice skating, rowing, hiking and mini golf.

  • Visit three cities in British Columbia: During the entire 12-day itinerary, students will visit the three cities of Victoria, Vancouver and Powell River, the capital of British Columbia, to experience the friendly, simple customs and appreciation of British Columbia residents Beautiful lake and mountain scenery.

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