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Canada Summer Camp
(Maple Ridge)




Secondary 1 - 3 students with good academic standing and conduct

The summer camp is co-organized by CCCEA and School District No.42 Maple Ridge, allowing students to immerse in a native Canadian environment, while enhancing their confidence to listen and speak English. Students will have the opportunity to interact with host families, and to learn about the history, culture and many aspects of Canada.

Summer Camp




Vancouver, MapleRidge, Canada



  • Native English Environment: Maple Ridge is located in the northeastern section of Vancouver.  It is a beautiful, safe and friendly place for students to learn English and Canadian culture.

  • Homestay Family: Students will be arranged to stay with homestay families to fully immerse into an English speaking environment and local life. Homestay families are screened and monitored by the school district to ensure safe and comfortable living conditions for students.

  • Small Classes: Students will attend a small class of 15 to 20 people. The small class size enables students to interact actively with the teacher as well as other students.

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